I was helping my mum in the kitchen while my niece, Echa was roaming around.

Echa: Gigish, cantiknya apron ni! Pakaila apron, Gigish!
(and happily handing out my apron to me)
Me: Oh okay (wears apron). Tapi Tokma tak pakai!
Echa: Tokma takpe..
Me: Apsal Tokma takpe?
Echa: Sebab Tokma dah biasa...

OUCH! Dah kena gelak ngan Mak. Bertuah punya budak!

p/s Yes she calls me Gigish. Coz she's cool and I'm cool. Heh.

jom online shopping

lately perasaan ingin menghabiskan duit bershopping adalah sungguh tinggi.
but so is my common sense.
hasilnya...of courselah x jadi. common sense always says

"baik tunggu lambat2 skit, selalu mid june ada sale"..
"hey jangan lupa nanti nak restock make-ups, skin care, maybe next month habis tu"..
"baik save up for ipad2"..

but at the same time, yes,
..my office shoe has worn out..
..my blusher dah nak habis..
..need some facial illuminator..i feel like my skin is so dull nowadays..
..need a new skirt, in one size smaller haha..

the thought of having to do the browsing kinda scares me off. because i know i will need few rounds of mall browsing before finding the perfect one and more often than not, it's only perfect the day i bought it because, i am tired.

recently i had this idea of online shopping..via vsHub & hopshopgo, so i can buy from the store itself & get it shipped to Malaysia. lagi murah kot, plus tak payah stuff-hunting. i always pity Hubster when i dragged him to teman me shopping. tapi kalau tak pergi dia nanti rasa ada something missing. HDD, i know. haha.

so....i think i'm gonna ask my friends if they'd like to join me..we can save a lot more if we're getting it shipped in one shot, no? i have made comparison of the delivery charges between the two and i find that vsHub is cheaper than hopshopgo, and it's straightforward as well as there is only a lump sum charge as opposed to hopshopgo's many fractions of payment including separate payment during pickup in Malaysia (well shopping needs to be a fun affair so i dun want the math part :P)

Benefit, MAC, Clarks, Levis, etsy, oh and even the handbags!

secretary oh secretary

**amaran: mengandungi unsur2 mazmumah. tidak sesuai utk org tgh berfikiran positif dan happy2 disyaki akan merobah mood anda. dan juga tidak sesuai utk ibu2 mengandung dikhuatiri anak anda akan terkenan sifat mazmumah ini.**

i just started a war with one of the secretary in the office. although i am not sure whether she realizes it, well i think she doesn't, coz i just left the scene without firing back.

i was caught off-guard, coz she gave such an unexpectable answer.

so here's what happened:
i prepared few memos for our VP to sign, memos directed to all countries in our portfolio, written separately (one for each countries). *even this, i think that the secretaries in my prev office can do, with a sample draft given*. anyway, after the boss has signed, i happily passed to them to be faxed to the country heads, which are her boss's subordinate.

i approached her desk from the side with intention to explain to her what needs to be done. and before i could even start, she exclaimed," apa masuk kat area i ni, duduk depan nila!". i was startled coz nobody ever did that to me, and it's normal, for us, the executives (now i REALLY REALLY want to differentiate execs and non-execs!) to be discussing side-by-side. but i kept my cool and asked her back jokingly why did she mind. She said bcoz her desk is messy and she didn't want me to notice (alasan, muka pun muka xtau nak jwb apa). then i told her that the memos has been signed and if she can help to fax them to the country heads. but before i even finish my sentence she sighed,"boleh tak buat kerja sampai habis.."

i was like, excuse me???? i was so shocked with her rudeness-tolong fax pun x boleh ke? aku buatkan memo utk bos ko pun dah cukup bagus, takkan fax pun bukan kerja ko kot? but ME BEING THE WEAK ME, i just said "laaa tolong fax je? selama ni akak selalu je fax diorg kan?" and she said,"tak i tak pernah. lagipun skrg fax machine x boleh pakai." waddefak. i was speechless but without waiting any further i went to our OSR who's in charge of the IT peripherals and informed him to check on the fax machine. he immediately did, but i was too brokenhearted, i didn't stay to confirm her fact.

. . . . .

kenapa secretary kitorg macam ni?? i am so frustrated! but then again, that was not the first time she buat perangai. i have been hearing stories but all this while it did not happen to me so i just dismiss stories as stories. but now that i became part of it..hmmm sorry lady, u just lost one person to talk to. dahla pagi td blackmail aku supaya aku buat budget traveling utk bos ko, dahla x cakap elok2, tau2 je htr email cc kat boss, apake syial tu? nasib baik boss ada commonsense and suruh aku buat basis je (which is fine). arghhhh.

that woman might just be having a bad day but hellllloooooooo what makes u think u're entitled to ruin other's day as well? i do not condone this behavior at all and i'm not sorry.

but i am sorry for those who reads this hehehe. sorryla, lama x update blog tetiba bila nak vent baru update. kekekeke. sorry sorry sorry! but i can't be all angelic in blog and all tak sopan depressed bagai nak hapa di dunia realiti hehehe. i just need to vent, ok. love u :)

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Things of late

Gaaah. Hello peeps.
I feel bad for writing only when I was frustrated, or confused. HAHA SO MUCH FOR READING PLEASURE, huh? But trust me, niat tu ada nak share mcm2, tapiiiiii masa sungguh mencemburui kita awww. Dan sbgai pelajar dr pengalaman lalu, I am not gonna stick to my plans, I'll cut short and give some updates on some of the things that I had previously shared in this space..

1. Of our own house
As riddled in my last post, we were waiting in agony for (what supposed to be) our house while the contractor has gone MIA..
After few awkward moments of discussing with the ILs that we're considering to let the house go (after all we hv nit entered into any SPA for the house), we are now a proud home owner of one of houses under construction in Denai Alam, and are also happy campers in Metropolitan Square, Damansara Perdana :)

2. Of gym. Hehehe.
We basically put our gym location in consideration while surveying for our rental lovepad, hence why we settled in MSQ, which is like..3 mins away from theCurve :p
Tapiiiiiiii ironically, sejak pindah ni (its been 3 months), sekali pun x jejak kaki ke Fitness First @ theCurve itu. LOL. Talk abt determination..haish! :p

3. Of work
Got some good news that made my decision-making a lot easier. Either way I chose will not result in my salary being reduced. So yay.
Have not make any firm decision yet though :p

So there goes. Happy Sunday, everyone! If it's sunny Sunday for you, go out, have some fun. If it's gloomy, stay indoor, get busy ;)

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are things that you won't get when you're hinting for it.

but comes when you least expect it.

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Kemusykilan Dunia

Saya ada satu kemusykilan.

To anyone of you out there who wishes to participate in my thought-gathering process;

Which one would you pick,

Extra RM3K/month


Finding your job meaningful

I am in a junction.
Help me.

Rumah(Tangga) Saya

Hahahahaha gile daring nak cerita pasal rumahtangga kat blog :P
Sebenarnya nak cerita pasal Rumah Saya lagi tapi tetiba teringat about what happened 4 years ago.
Hik hik.

Hari declare ngn Hubster.
Hik hik.

Not that we were not an item before, but on that day, we finally realised that we are inseparable.
Hik hik.

I lurrrrrrrrve sharing our version of 'How I Met Your Mother' in terms of 'How We Met Each Other' (maybe because I'm not a mother yet, hik hik) but..it's gonna be a long story.

First time
During breakfast in Awana Kijal. I was staying there the first 2 weeks of work, and I had 2 more friends staying there. One morning, I went down to join my friend, Kabi as usual for breakfast but turned out he was not alone. Hubster was sipping his soup quietly. Apparently he was there for some training in Awana.

Kabi: Weh, ada orang nak berkenalan ngan kau. Orang kuat HR.*gelak2*
Me: *suka hati mak bapak kau, kesian budak ni, dahla malu2* Hi, Azni.
Hubster: Hi, Sharil, HR. *sambung makan, senyap sampai sudah.
Me: *gile pemalu, ingatkan akula orang paling pemalu dlm dunia*.

So that's how we got acquainted.

Second time, 2 weeks later
We bumped into each other again during new staffs introductory session to PMO GM, En. Nusral. Apparently he was the one organising it, HR la katakan. Masa ni adala borak sikit2.

Third time
It was about...several months later. I was moving out from my rental house in Panalex, Kertih to join Jue & Aida in Kemasik. Needed help to move out my stuffs, and Aida suggested his induction mate, tak lain tak bukan Sharil HR yang terkenal dgn membawa Pajero (or we call it Japero). Setelah 5-6 kali berfikir adakah patut adakah patut, maka dgn menebalkan mukanya I said yes to Aida's suggestion and mengcontact Hubster. Hubster said ok and one petang, I waited for him to come pick me up in the office with his Japero. (He went home first to change clothes utk kerja2 berat mengangkat my stuffs).

Mana Aida & Jue?? Entah, x ingat, but they were somehow..unavailable. Awkward gile hokeh tetibe dr tak rapat pun boleh mintak tolong pastu first time naik Japero dia lak tuh. So untuk mengatasi keawkwardan I asked him to singgah L-Mart halfway, went in, and...

bought him a large bar of Cadbury chocolate. Dairy Milk je yg ada plak tu. Muahahahahhaha.
Masuk Japero balik terus bagi dia, "This is for you, hehe"

Bahahahahhahaha. Budus. Gile awkward, xde style langsung. LOL

And the rest was history...tapi, baru sampai tahap Geng Ketat. Geng Ketat means: geng makan sama2, outing sama2, roadtrip sama2.

2005, Put's wedding
Put was my colleague and one of the young engineers mcm I back then *ececece. We went on roadtrip to Batu Pahat to attend Put's wedding with 5 others. There were 2 cars and I was riding in Ita's car, which was driven by Hubster. On the wedding day, I wore my Raya outfit which involves a pretty pink long shawl. Back then, the tudung lilit2 was not really an 'in' thing yet, so putting on that style akan sedikit-sebanyak mcm 'overdress' haha. Neways, for that, tiba2 I was declared (by my girlfriends who apparently became my make-up artists) as going for engagement ceremony...engagement dgn siapa? Hubster! Dunno why, probably sebab I was riding in Ita's car which was driven by him. Motif? Hahahaha.
Anyway, as I dgn tak malunya played along, he was denying it bermati2an! Dahla buat muka malu2..*tak rock betulla you!

April 2006
I lost my very-very best friend, Arwah Izma, in a tragic accident, at the time when I needed her most. We were at the stage of our life where we just needed a new start..(we both just got out of a...love dilemma). That tragic night, I just knew that I had to follow her family who came to bring back her body  home. I just wanted to be with her as long as possible before that last moment di perkuburan..and I just had one reliable person to drive me there (obviously I can't drive with tears in my eyes constantly). So there came Hubster to the rescue..

I was hopeless for..months..that I couldn't bear any thoughts of her without meleleh air mata. I couldn't go to places we went together - Kemasik beach, Kedai Lempeng Kemasik, Kedai Kopi Hai Peng.. I just couldn't. I was so vulnerable. All those time, Geng Ketats had each other for support. However, with girlfriends, tak boleh cakap sedih nanti diorg nangis. But with Hubster, I can pour all my sadness and nangis and he would just listen. Then bagi kata2 penyejuk jiwa, be in verbal, text msg and of course, the ever-reliable Microsoft Communicator. I felt so safe and in no time he became my best friend ;)

After the tragedy, everybody sort of moved on with their lives. Its either they got married, got posted or made themselves busy (yes, Jue, I'm talking about u hmmmpphhh)..but Hubster was always there for me. When Jue got no time for us anymore (yes, Jue) we only had each other for makan2, lepak2, sharing2 ecece..

Aug 2006
I had longgggg promised a close friend, Nue, that I would be her pengapit on her wedding day. So she got married in August, and since I couldn't make it to her first reception on her side in Shah Alam (my sister got married the same day as hers), I know I just had to make it for her second reception on her husband's side in Muar. Unfortunately..........everyone, I mean ALL of my friends already went for the first reception, including Hubster. So that left me with no one to drive with to Muar...even Jue had something on that weekend. I was contemplating it..but I just knew I had to..its Nue for god sake! Mana boleh miss. So when I told Hubster that I was going anyway anyhow, I noticed that he was worried heheh. But he didn't halang me to go.

But the next day, he told me that he would come with me.
Hehehehehhe :) I was so relieved. Agak gilala jugak nak drive pergi Muar sorang2 kan?

So that weekend we went (bertolak pagi Jumaat and drove back Sabtu petang), and we spent the whole journey (to & fro) talking from gossips to verangans to how would we raise our children. Questions like "anak perempuan you nanti nak ajar pakai tudung tak?", " start umur berapa nak ajar pakai tudung?", and even "kalau anak you pondan you nak buat macam mana?" hahahahahha :)

And as I got off the car when we reached Kemasik, I remembered telling him that that was the best 48 hours ever since long :) and he agreed :)

15 Oct 2006
We went out for iftar together. Its towards the end of Ramadhan so we basically ran out of places for iftar. That day, we drove a bit further up to Rumbia Resort and had iftar at Restoran Ex-Capt (now dah tutup, but they seriously served good food!). I remembered that evening, one of his question to me was "Tak susah ke pakai tudung lilit2?" Hehe so comel. I never thought he noticed the way I did my tudung! Being men and all. After iftar, realising that we wont make it in time to reach Kemasik, we stopped by at Masjid Paka for his Maghrib prayers hehe. I kenot pray, kantoi :P. Since dah kantoi, that meant I did not need to go for Tarawih so he asked me where to go next. (Hehe dia pun terus x Tarawih). We both have no idea but just drove south..passed by Kemasik..Kemaman..Cherating..opps too far now. So we stopped at Rest. Bulan (romantic place! but baaaaaaad food) for a drink. Romantic place adalah kebetulan semata2. We talked and talked..and then he broke the news
"I am considering a posting to SBO (Sabah).."
and he went on and on and on with the reasons why he liked the idea.

I listened...tapi macam sangat sedih. I AM GONNA LOSE HIM! I AM GONNA LOSE A BESTFRIEND!
Rasa macam a lump in my throat, hati mcm menjadi berat (literally!) tapi what else should a best friend do other than rationalise and support each other?

So we spent the next hour there imagining what it's like for us when he leaves. So he said we can talk on Communicator everyday and we still have chances to meet when either one visits i.e I hv meeting in SBO or he has meeting in PMO. And we can always see each other when he comes back to KL.


I don't think so. Although at first I was okay when we plan things out, but as soon as I get into the car, my heart sank.

I remembered feeling like there's no tomorrow. I didn't think I could afford to lose my best friend.

And I couldn't talk while we were in the car heading home. Told him I was sleepy but the truth was, I was restraining my tears!

16 Oct 2006

The next morning, I thought I was gonna be okay but he started his Communicator message with the killer question;

Are u okay?"

Huwaaaaaaaaa. Dan air mataku jatuh berjurai!! Sedih sangat bila tau nak kena tinggal :P And I can't stay at my workstation like this, right?? Issue la plak org tengok aku nangis sambil buat keje. Psycho haha. So I excused myself and went to continue kerja (masa tu buat Monthly Performance Review pack) in our meeting room, on notebook, without Communicator messages! Itu pun still nangis2. Sedihnyaaaaaa.

So lunch hour, after enough psycho-ing myself that its not the end of the world and life goes on and entah2 lepas ni aku pun transfer ke SBO, I went back to my desk.

Guess what, he actually waited for me to come online! Kejap je he messaged me..

...asking why I was so sad..
...that I should not be sad..
...that we will still be friends..

and thennnnnnnn a confession that

...it was actually a hardddd decision to make..
...between career and life..
...that there is nothing else PMO can offer but one..
...and that one had his heart.


and the rest is history :)

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